So that trail through the woods is pretty long. We didn’t get to the end of it though - it goes through a biological reserve where dogs and bicycles are banned.

Also if something is downhill on the way there, it is hellishly uphill on the way back oh my gOD.

A cold shower after a good run is still the best feeling in the world.

So, oops, no pictures, but I did find a pretty nice unpaved trail near my house! It was also sunset/twilight so it was probably really dumb to go on it especially since it has rocks everywhere, but this week’s training is mostly walking with a free form run at the end so it was all good. The jogging drills did all happen to fall on steeply uphill bits :U

Opal was excited to get out running again :) She is so great! She listened to all of my speed and direction cues and because of that I didn’t slip once.

The only other unpaved trails I know about are less than ideal - one is rife with gang activity (not as much of an issue if I go at 7am on a Saturday) and waaaayyyy short; the other I have to cross a stream to get to the trail. There’s a big pipe you can walk across but Opal’s not comfortable doing that, and she won’t follow through the water if I walk across the pipe. Running with wet feet gives me blisters and then, a couple hours later, feet so swollen and itchy I can’t walk on them. Not ideal. ;P

Ran yesterday :D Didn’t type this up yesterday as we went out running at 5, I got back and had to go take care of some other dogs, came home, showered, ate, then basically fell asleep right afterwards. 

GPS says we went 6 miles, but the path looks a bit…badly tracked. Whatever. :P

Gonna try to get pictures next run. I think I’ll have to run in the morning…

I’ve been a bit delinquent but between ice possibly making me fall and hurt something, and the anti icing stuff on the roads hurting Opal’s paws, I waited until the snow had cleared a bit to run again. It snowed Wednesday and that was the last time I ran.

Ran today, did well for…three days of not running. :) Hills are evil though. Eeeevvvviiiillll.

lol the weather forecast said “25F, feels like 15F” and I was all “oh no so cold, will it hurt Opal to run? I’ll just wear a light jacket and if I get too cold we’ll go home.”

Naw. By the end of our run she was digging out chunks of ice from puddles to eat. I have a video of that that I’ll post later. :)

So, moral of the story is “no Brooke you dummy you live in the South; it never gets too cold to run.”